Very choppy frame rates


Thought I'd give Liquid sky another test as I gave up on it a while back but looking forward to trying out the new stuff in March.

Anyhow first impressions. I'm getting so much screen tearing games are unplayable Already tested my internet speed and it's not me. 28ms to my local LS server.
Hopefully the new plans won't be over subscribed and have the same issue.

I'm running on Windows 10.


High Internet speed doesn't mean quality connection. Do you have auto quality off in the client? Are you or anybody/anything else making heavy use of your internet at the same time you're using LS? Have you made a connection test to see if you have packet loss? LS sends a direct, unbuffered stream to your connection so it relies a lot on stability.


I have an engineer coming around to check Monday as I do have a much lower single thead download speed of an evening than I should but a the time of testing I had a 23ms average response time to and 0% packet loss @ 50Mbs out of my 150Mbs available.
I'm the sole user.
In auto connection mode the green signal strength barely registers.


I see. Well let us know how it goes. The LS staff is always interested in knowing these kinds of things as it might help them better advise and help troubleshoot issues for users.

Yeah while I understand the use of an auto quality slider, an unbuffered stream won't do well if the quality keeps changing all the time. I wonder if the staff did anything to improve it though.


An idea for LS: implement an option for the client to export information about the set up the user uses to some file. This way you would be able to get exact info about the circumstances a problem took place in: set up, date, time, provider and so on.


The stream quality is much better today although the gamiung performance is not very good as yet so I'm going to wait till March when the upgrades kick in and test again to see if it's worth while.