Video Competition


Hey with the video competition i have some issues. So maybe you guys know i have a chanel with a 60+ video. Then i need to send in with the form 1by1 ?

I mean to this contest:

Here is my Chanel:

Then what i can do send in the videos one by one or the whole chanel?


Submit your channel link on the submission form instead or to for review.

Please make sure all of your videos follow the submission guidelines below and display your in-game graphic settings for others to replicate. Your PC Specs must be included in the video description as well.

Videos that do not follow any of the guidelines will NOT be eligible to receive SkyCredits.


@LiquidSkyJustin I have like 10 videos, but they dont have liquidsky intro


As previously stated, we ask that videos follow the guidelines above, including the LiquidSky Intro and Outro.

Most importantly, we ask that you showcase your settings in-game!

Please revise your previous videos on your channels or create additional ones that follow the previously stated requirements.



I follow all the guidelines and send the videos :grin:


Thanks man!

We will take a look and review it, and reward the SkyCredits if they fit our required guidelines.