Virtual machine? fix this error please


so i keep getting error message like this when i tried to run some application "this application cannot run under virtual machine,if you havent tried it before. please make sure there is no antivirus that can emulate the procces."

whats wrong with this?!?! i thought liquidsky is similar with other dekstop computer but the truth is it is only fake virtual machine :"( someone help please !


You gotta be more specific, what application are you running and no the skycomputer shouldn't be registering as a virtual machine because windows server 2008 is a official release


im running unityhacks and it says that it can run on windows 8.1


well then you outta luck becuz the last server version available is 8.1... they have not released a server version with windows 10


yeah its compatible with windows 8.1 but the error message keep showed up


Hola hoy ver vac banned :joy: and banned de pm liquidsky cause that is a ban reason


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lol :joy: unityhacks is da best :+1:


any solution??? :disappointed::worried::disappointed::worried:


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Please do get vac banned for attempting to use hack tools. :+1: