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So, I’ve noticed that when someone selects the Windows Shutdown command, the Android client initiates a shutdown of the VM and returns to the client. Unfortunately, instead of giving the user the screen where they disconnect their session from the VM, the user gets the screen where the client attempts to restart the VM. Sometimes, the client returns to the operating system without the user logging out and, so, the “countdown” clock is still counting down.

The techs might want to take a look at this behavior.


Maybe, the client couldn’t register the Shutdown action of the skycomputer.
When you command the skycomputer to shutdown, the client reconnects with the skycomputer turn it ON again.
The skycomputer could only be stopped by turning it off from the client itself.( Maybe it’s programmed this way)


The reason I question it is originally when you selected the Windows Shutdown command, IT DIDN’T DO ANYTHING. So, obviously, there was some modification to “marry” the command to the process.

If that’s the case, then it should perform correctly. That is…

  1. User selects Windows Shutdown command
  2. LS Client shutdowns the VM and either…
    a) presents the user with the option to disconnect the client from the VM; or -
    b) automatically disconnect the VM and log off the user.

It doesn’t really matter to me which way the techs handle it so long as it doesn’t leave a user with the client still connected to the VM and the “coundown clock” still running. We all know what kind of problems that would cause, don’t we?


For the timebeing, the correct and only way is to force a shutdown via the client (either PC or Android) to do the proper shutdown instead of the Windows method.


Apparently, I don’t understand the meaning of “Report A Bug.”
I’m done.


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