Waiting for 25 min


dallas dc


Me too. I’m having problems with my Skycomputer, I’ve deleted, I’ve changed data center and nothing. And now it turns out that not to turn off the Skycomputer


Had the same problem, had to delete my Skycomputer


My pc refused to turn off and keeps turning back on and eating my credits

Edit:it just says staring sky computer if i go in then says data centers are full


I just deleted my skycomputer again, I hope the problems are solved


Hi Guys,

Are you still having problems logging out your SkyComputer?


yes me too, i can’t logout


At the moment it was solved by removing my skycomputer, I hope that I do not have any problems


Yes, first action will be to delete your SkyComputer.

If you guys have your timeout settings enabled, just close the client and don’t open it until the timeout settings expire.


Yes. Mine is stuck on the “starting up” screen and eating my credits!!!


Hey Charles23,

SkyCredits don’t get deducted while in the starting up process. SkyCredits deduction timer starts when an actual connection has already been established to your SkyComputer.