Want to pay to skip Beta waitlist, but cannot subscribe to tier plan


Hi, I received an email today that says:
"Want to get ahead and experience Beta now? Sign up for any of our tiered plans, and youll get instant access to our exclusive Beta!"
and when I click the button to "skip the line" it takes me to the new pricing page without a way to subscribe to the price (I want to do the $5 plan) and get instant beta access. I also cannot access customer support without being a paid subscriber, which is a frustrating contradiction.



Hi, the same here.
i received the email to and click skip the line, takes me to the new pricing page without a way to subscribe.


There is no way to access it until you got in via one of the release waves starting march 14th.. I don't know why people are still receiving that email


That's frustrating - thanks for the reply. I want to give them my money honestly, but looks like I'll have to wait and get lucky for a beta invite, or wait til March 14th.


Was looking into Geforce Now but this seems a very good alternative and they will be closer in the future (Amsterdam is a few KM from here) and don't mind paying for it. Waiting for the 14th to give it a go :slight_smile: