Washington Server Always says "Full" for me for past few days


Anyone else experience this? I can't login at all even during typical off hours.


I live in DC, so obviously I'm using the same DC server. I haven't had this issue though so you might want to dig deeper and see if there is some reason this is happening to you. The most that happens to me is the ultra servers are full from time to time. I've been using the lower tier "high" and had no issues after losing my unlimited plan


It appears I am permanently locked out of whatever server I am in. I'll have to delete my sky computer and start over. :frowning:


Did that work? I can't log into DC either.


I'm having the same issue. I was wondering if its just having a high load or what. Did deleting your server help at all? I was hoping not to have to if I don't need to.


Deleting did work for me. Luckily I had my game saves backed up, :(.
Constant reminder that this is a beta service and support is not capable of
helping much. I gave them a week to try to fix it.


I deleted and started a new one and now I'm back up and running again too. Bummer that we had to reset, but at least the download speeds are fast, lol.


Ultra servers full. cant run ghost recon wildlands beta on high "there is not enough video memory"