We really need a DC in China mainland!


There is a DC in Hong Kong,China.But the experience is too terrible even in east China!(The ping is about 100-500ms)
So we stongly suggest that Liquidsky Team can create a new DC in China,especially in east(such as Shanghai)!There are much user here in this region!
If the team can achieve,I think we will get a perfect experience and it can attract more players to use Liquidsky!


I am located in Guangzhou and it’s also very slow connecting to Hong Kong. Not sure if the border between China and Hong Kong intentionally slows the traffic down.

Interestingly, the experience was nearly perfect when I was living in Taiwan. The latency was low enough that I could play shooter games (Mass Effect: Andromeda).

But anyway, a server within Chinese border would definitely open a huge market for LiquidSky, even though it means you won’t be having too much control over your own servers (services operating inside China must include a backdoor for the government).


This is much likely due to security of your ISP and your government inspecting the packets you are sending causing the latency because anyone connecting outside of China to the Hongkong data center but just within a close proximity like Taiwan and Japan, the connection is ok.


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