Web Browser Access


I would like to see the addition of being able to access your sky computer through a browser (much like the service paperspace). I know this could potentially effect input devices , but it would be cool to be able to access your sky computer anywhere on the fly.


What you said about were the earlier version of LiquidSky, now LiquidSky is upgraded to the present functions.


Oh , I have only been with LS a couple of months so I was not aware of the previous feature. Still it is something I would like to see return. I by no means want the client to be replaced by a web only LS , I just would like to see the feature return as an option. I work at a place with heavy security and it blocks most clients from running when connected to the internet there. What I have to do is open LS through Paperspace web browser to be able to play it. The problem is when doing this the mouse jumps all over the place when trying to play a game. If I could just go straight to LS it wouldn't be an issue. By the way we have a day where it gets so slow that we have time just to play which the company doesn't mind we do.