Weird problems with internet speed


I’ve got 100Mbps Internet. Speedtest on gives me about 90Mbps. on Frankfurt locations gives me 20 Mbps. LS’s Frankfurt DC up to 5Mbps. Why is it so slow? Even Washington DataCenter works faster (25Mbps) but PING is too high (125 compared to 35 on Frankfurt).

Is anything I can do to maintain stable connection with Frankfurt? Is my ISP throttling my bandwidth?


Maybe it’s server load… Frankfurt is one of the more populated servers in this service.


So I paid for nothing? :frowning: If it’s LS issue and not mine i wasted 30dollars.

On first days it worked quite qood. Now its unplayable alltheday.


Dont worry Latosiauke there will be a solution for this!

I was wondering if you had tried the London DC, you mention Washington is better but London is pretty close for a reduced ping. Might be worth a shot!


I tried with Washington cause SoftLayer’s speedtest has showed me some good download speed. London’s IBM servers didnt though. But I’ll try. I wonder why I can’t sustain moderate speed with closer server like Frankfurt but can with the further (actually on the other side of the Ocean). I don’t know why I bought 100Mbps broadband connection. It works that fast only with some very close locations.


You also have to factor in things like infrastructure and whatnot. Also apparently ISPs (at least here across the ocean) can throttle you. Only until you call customer support do they tweak it back to the speeds you were promised. You never know :confused:


For sure ISPs in my region do that shit. But calling customer support is like asking them to insult me and treat like an idiot. They’ll tell me to run speedtest they pointed me with fatty fingers and say “see? almost 100Mbps! We’re the best! muah:* pay more!”

They do that shit w yt apparently because 1080pHD doesn’t load as fast as play ;/ Gonna look for another ISP


Nothing changes no matter what time it is. So it’s not about overloaded servers.

Is that any way to avoid ISP’s throttling? Or can I somehow check if Frankfurt DC CAN upload to me more than 5Mbps? Maybe in my location it’s impossible to gain more transfer speed (Poland).


Hi Latosiauke,

You need to note also sometimes if you are closer to a certain data center it may not be the optimal connection if your ISP is routing your connection which makes/takes more hops.

So the best thing for now is to try connecting to the London data center and see if this will help with your connection.