What about a LiquidSky IPA for iOS devices


What if liquidSky creates a IPA for a liquidSky app for iOS and they still won't even need to submit that app to the App Store since it's going to use Cydia Impacter to install IPA onto apple device so how does this sound to you liquidSky Team


I wouldn't use that, I don't jailbrake my iPhones for a few years now.


Your device won't need to be jAilbroken you use cydia impacter to install IPA to iOS device no JB needed for this way


Oh, ok. Either way, I wouldn't play on iPad or iPhone even if there is an option to


what devices do you play LiquidSky On?


I don't have access to LS :+1:


That's bad​:-1: Sorry about that


They could release the source code and let us compile and install it on our iPads and iPhones using Xcode. If they could get it to work with the new Xbox One controller with Bluetooth, that would be even better :wink: