What Game Would You Remake?


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If you could remake any video game for the current generation, what would it be?

And just because I want to participate, here’s mine:

I dare say Banjo-Kazooie was better than Mario 64. :wink:


I would say Dino Crisis (1 and 2) for sure on PC!!! :heart_eyes: :star_struck: :crazy_face:
Also, Crash Bandicoot Team Racing :call_me_hand:


Action,mmorpg ,open wolrd,Pubg


Altered beasts
I don’t know how they would make it fun for today standards, but would be awesome playing it again


You mean Crash Tag Team Racing (on Gamecube) right ? Yeah it was an awesome game !

But still, I’d prefer a remake of Mario Sunshine !


SOCOM II U.S Navy Seals, always replayed the singleplayer on harder difficulties like Admiral difficulty. Too bad I never got to play multiplayer.


The Last Ninja. That game was mindblowing back in the days. :wink:


A game that I would remake would be Sonic 3D Blast because those “3D” graphics aren’t very 3D anymore


Donkey Kong country by (rare)




Crash bash. I play it for hours with my friends it was so fun


Mario party is a good game


I got into gaming quite late, and never did experience those old games. The oldest game i every did play was The Lion King


I want from rockstar to remake grand theft auto san andreas because It is the best games in my childhood


Thunder Force 4


I would like to see a remake of GTA; San Andreas. I loved that game. The map, the missions, owning different properties across the map and also being able to fly between the airports was cool. There’s just something about GTA V that just makes it not that much fun to play at times.


Black for ps2 .That was great fps.


I just woke up but wouldn’t it be cool to have an Over The Hedge game? With newer graphics and story I think it would be cool…


Streets of Rage 3 - Completed a number of times, alone on my own and co-op with friends. It was good fun back in 199x.


Of course Pac-Man back there it was a GOD GAME!!! Imagine now with ultra graphics a new game software design OH YEAAAAA!!!