What is the dumbest thing you've played on LiquidSky?


For me it has to be Fallout, as in the original fallout, that can play on any PC, and even a DOS, I played it because I found a save editor on LiquidSky and couldn’t be bothered to download it on my own PC or Laptop, so I just thought “Why not”
Played it for a solid hour on Pro Mode, then realised I should get off before I waste too many credits.


Glad to see I’m the only one to play such games on LiquidSky ;-;


Yeah you are… :yum:


Lmao. :joy:
Ok, so the dumbest thing I’ve played on LS is clearly Ultima IX Acension, simply because it’s the dumbest Ultima ever made, and a complete betrayal (free beers to anyone who gets the reference) to the Ultima series.


Not really what I meant but ok.


It was the dumbest thing I could think of.


.io games because I thought that it will run better but then it ran the same performance as my local computer. So I wasted some sky credits.


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