What quality percentage do you normally go for?


I was just wondering what settings everyone tends to use on the streaming side of things, currently I have tried high quality and currently have it on maximum on the slider, but was wondering what everyone else runs it at.

I am using the London data center and in my system I have:

94/100 connection
50/100 on the cogs
using CUDA

It all seems to stream fine with general hangs every few minutes but I think thats the wifi (5Ghz about 4 meters from router) and I am fine with that, but was wondering what sweet spots the rest of the community have found for quality/performance etc.


Yours have been good, as I think.


Now I can not look, but the connection to Frankfurt 40-55 and using DXVA (CUDA It does not work with nvidia 8500 gt)
squares quality 7-9 / 10