What's your favorite game of all time?


My favorite game of all time would have to be halo 3. But i would love to know what you guys’ favorite game of all time is. Can be anything from the earliest days of gaming to current day. If you have an anticipated release that you believe will be your favorite, you can also disclose that! I can’t wait to see the game you guys choose. :smiley:


Nice one. Impossible to answer, because every computer system and console had their own unique best game. :wink:

But if I had to chose, I’d pick the game I got most immersed in, and (re-)played the most: Ultima VII.


I’m checking ultima 7 out, seems like a great game :smile:


That’s hard. I’d put Banjo Kazooie for N64 up towards the top of the list.


I love the banjo and kazooie n64 game. IMO its better than mario 64 so we share a common belief on that :sweat_smile:



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The Last of Us.
Was slow at the beginning but end up beating the game within a week (and I was in Uni 3rd yr during that time)


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