When Fortnite updates


Ok, so my PC can’t handle this game apart from on the lowest settings. So I turned to Liquid Sky. I’m firing it up about once or twice a week, and… it’s updating. Every. Single. Time. And it takes a while, too. Between 5-10 minutes. So it’s bye-bye credits.
Any solution to this?



Hmm- unless the game actually updates that frequently you shouldn’t be having issues with that game. Though in all honestly @Xelasarg plays the game more frequently than I do.


Well, Fortnite is updated weekly. Never seen a company as busy with updates as Epic Games. :wink:


So how do you handle all the LS dead time it generates? Simply suck it up?


Yep. You pay for SkyPC usage time, not play time. Gamer plan helps save credits, and it’s enough to run Forrtnite anyway.


Yeah, until there’s a way to do away with SkyCredits, @Xelasarg’s suggestion is the best. Pick up a second game to play while it updates would be my suggestion. I do that on my home computer just because I’m impatient.


Actually that’s a good idea, to play a different game while it’s updating. Right now I only have Fortnite installed, but once i install something else I guess that’s what I’ll do.



No problem! Just check your options on the updater so that it’ll still update in the background while you’re playing something else.