When is Liquidsky coming out for Mac?


We have been waiting for so long, please someone tell us we need an ETA. Is it in 1 month ? or 10 years ?

Thank you.


They will announce future updates but i think at the moment the focus is on android and windows, but i will come! :slight_smile:


Playing via VMWare Fusion is extremely frustrating and there are lots of lags. This is really hopeless.


Bootcamp & Windows 10 is your best option. Should work fine. Btw, you can get a free Win10 upgrade from 7/8, if you have an old license, until end of today.


Which 30 minutes left in my time zone. Happy New Year :slight_smile:


You too!
I’ve got a couple of hours left, just about to get drunk. So I’ll be unavailable until tomorrow.


Try the following to play on Mac :


What doesn’t make sense to me is that the people work for Liquidsky don’t know if it’ll be available for Mac in 2 months or in 10 years. Maybe 20 years ? Is it possible to confirm that it’ll be in this century so we can have somewhat of an ETA?


i could be wrong but if you mean the Community Moderator they dont directly work for ls they are volunteers so they dont know no more then we know


Hopefully an LS employee will see this thread.


Hi @Paddy32810,

Sorry if we are not able to get a timeframe when we will be releasing the Mac client version and as you can see there are still a lot of bugs and problems that need to be fixed on the Windows and Android version.

It will be hard for developers to fix the bugs with all 3 client versions released since some of them are specific bugs per client platform so we are trying to fix most of the bugs first to make them stable. Once both client versions are stable and we have fixed the major bugs especially the game bugs, our devs should be able to focus on the Mac client.


You can play it perfectly smoothly & lag-free under Wine on a Mac. I’ve been doing it for quite a while now.


But does LiquidSky work on PC or is it still shutdown?


No it doesn’t. Please read the email and/or the memo here: