When is the upgrade happening?


I get 30fps max on some games which is really just unacceptable.

The same games on a phenom x4 965 and a HD 7950 would get 60 fps and this was my gaming setup back in 2014.

When is this upgrade happening? Liqiudsky seriously needs it. The performance levels are just not impressive enough.


Won’t be happening anytime soon I’m afraid (see this post by Morgan):


While on paper the Tesla P100s were shaping up nicely (lot more CUDA cores, memory and newer architecture compared to the Maxwell series GRID M60), in reality during testing it wasn’t that much better than the current GRID M60 (It definitely had issues and in my personal experience it could’ve been better than the current hardware used- but I was the only one online logged into the test server [not a realistic scenario for any user of this service]). It only offered better performance at 4K (dev testing, cannot confirm personally), which the team isn’t focusing on currently (upgrades are never out of the question, but rather a question of practicality- the marginal performance increase of the P100 doesn’t justify its higher price [keep in mind that these datacenters are rented from IBM on a 24/7 basis, and this is a new performance tier than the GRID M60]).

However the team is working on streamer improvements (Coming Soon™- can’t say more on account of hype) which should help all users (issues were identified during internal testing). Also in that same thread I linked the team is considering new pricing which could allow for unlimited use of the service (any and all feedback is welcome as long as it’s delivered in a reasonable fashion).

(Edited a bit for clarity- added some information from internal testing)


tl;dr No hardware upgrade because we found that wasn’t the problem. If all goes according to plan, new streamer will be live within the next few days.


How is that not the problem?

Raw benchmarks and gameplay dont lie. Games from 2013 running 24 fps is not a lie.

You can hide behind the app being unoptimized so but the data does not lie.

The hardware atm is low end.


Not sure if you read through the link or anything, but the P100 did NOT perform better than the M60. That’s the entire reason we are not moving forward with it. It sounds like you’re referring to some specific frame rates, so what game are you talking about? Are you on Gamer or Pro? Most games don’t dip that low unless you’re on Gamer trying to run max settings. Below is the link to the specs of each package.

We’d love to provide a hardware upgrade, but with the P100s falling through, we’re back to square one.


Did you know the Q in GRID M60-8Q indicates Quadro?. This means Liquidsky users use a maxwell arch Quadro class vGPU, even on gamer plan.

I really do not think GRID tech or which Tesla GPU Accelerator being used is the problem, for now LS devs just want to improve what they have, instead of literally rebuilding everything from scratch again.

There is no denying a well optimised app would work better on newer hardware, but LS doesn’t so is being optimised more before devs upgrade hardware.

Finding out there is not going to be hardware upgrade at all , by means of this thread has been a huge let down for me.

I am obsessed with GRID tech and was uber excited for LS moving to Pascal arch vGPUs.

The really exciting stuff all use Volta arch vGPUs nowadays. Nvidia will be sharing much about Volta arch vGPUs at GTC Taiwan and what this means for HPC, gaming and XR content being delivered too consumers.

So imo, LS need to forget about Tesla P100 and go for Tesla V100, to keep on the bleeding edge of bleeding edge.

Eight Quadro vGPUs powered by one Tesla GPU Accelerator can run apps like the new Star Wars demo made by Disney …

Bit a of a shame that LS seem to be indicating they are not even considering a hardware upgrade just now, especially so when there are many other options than IBM and Tesla P100 open to them.

We tried it, it sucked, Does not mean the hardware sucks. Just means the software used in not well optimised.

The biggest thing Tesla P100 brings over Tesla M60 is better performance at peak times due to Pascal have much lower TDP and other things which help with power management.

I can not help noticing the older Tesla Keplar GPU Accelerators used in old VM, provided a far superior service compared to what we see today.

Watching all the old official LS videos shows a much better LS service was available a year ago

By better I mean the LS ckient looks like it was more configurable and have more features a year ago compared today.

The biggest reason for me too choose LS is because it uses GRID tech and vGPUs.

I am convinced vGPUs are the future of high end gaming and computer generated XR experiences.

The biggest thing wrong LS for me , is the way it handles mouse cursors on android.

Regardless of no server side hardware upgrade coming soon, still very much looking forward to 0.5.0 and watching the continuing improvement of LS service, LS android client and the rise of vGPUs replacing the need for gamers to own high end gaming spec machines to enjoy the best of what PC gaming platform has too offer help show how LS are major contributing factor for helping vGPUs become a realistic option for gamers.


I am sure nobody will be more frustrated than what LS devs are.

Tesla V100 is now starting make ripples in HPC, gaming and XR circles. Nvidia are unleashing the might of Tesla V100 to deliver never seen before things too consumers and this is all relative to consumers using vGPU delivered by Tesla V100.

Some big things are incoming .


Some big things are definitely incoming. The use of the technology has been awesome.

As far as us using them, one thing to keep in mind is that we are limited to what we are able to get from our vendors. I can’t really get into that whole side of things, but have to consider that there are business limitations that go along with the technical limitations. #businesslife


I get you. :wink:

NDAs and other commitments etc

GRID is a vastly complex and capable thing and know LS rocks because it deploys nvidia vGPUs to consumers.

I am sure all gamers will be cloud gamers soon because of where GRID tech is taking us all and am really excited for LS and LS users.


and i remember when i was asking how could new gpus help during peak times. I said it wasnt performance problem for me but overcrowded serwers. They should hire me…


Thanks anyway LS :slightly_smiling_face:


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