When the random freezes will be gone?


Hello LiquidSky developers,

First of all, hands down! The overall work you did with the new community forum is just superb. I feel privileged as well as pleased to be in here.

In this topic, I would like to talk a bit about overall performance. It is not reliable.

Thank you!


Hey Max!

Thanks for the feedback on our new look and forum! We're glad you like it and we will be working hard to make this place a meaningful place for gamers and fans of cloud gaming alike to gather and discuss all things LiquidSky!

On the topic of VRAM, we appreciate your video links and other submitted work showcasing where we could improve. We definitely agree with you on the topic, and have actually been working on expanding our VRAM for some time now!

We will most likely be looking to increase VRAM on high and ultra, and possibly introduce a new level entirely for our serious users who need only the best in gaming performance. While we would like to expedite the process, unfortunately our developers are hard at work with our next massive release, which will be changing the way you use cloud gaming forever!

We also have a few other surprises in store for our users that we may begin to release later this week!

So stay tuned for further updates as the holiday season rolls around, as our VRAM update may be coming sooner than you think! ;D

LiquidSky Test 1- Low Vram, Mediocre Performance

Hi Justin - thank you for the response to this question.

It seems the freezes are comes from packet loss/ping spikes that occur once connection reaches Softlayer's servers.

The above poster indicated that no response has taken place with regard to these freezes, and I'm left wondering if it's because this issue is out of your hands?

Please address this issue.


These freezes are probably an issue with slow SSD storage, its not vram, its not the connection. I tested it with the ultra plan and battlefield 1/4 and gta5 with lowest possible settings, barely using 700-900MB of vram out of 2gb. Still the same freezes. I am pretty sure these videos have been recorded with liquidskys built in recording program, which cannot record any lags or freezes caused by the connection.

Its easy to make the difference between hardware lags and network lags, with network lags the position of the car or character running/driving shoud have changed after the freeze, since the cloud pc would still be running fine in the background. With hardware lags the position of the car or character should still be the same after the freeze, because the cloud pc stopped rendering at this point.


That is correct. I stated it previously on Reddit.


Personally, I get considerable movement of the elements on screen during a freeze. Maybe freeze is the wrong word as it's visual glitching and massive input lag.

Maybe multiple problems compounding.


@PCFreak, you're sure that VRAM was below 2GO ? My freezes on GTA 5 and other games where only du to VRAM swapping. You checked your VRAM with which software ?


Experienced only that one so far with LS


@Smirow , Yes, I just tested it again, just to be sure, GTA5 running on lowest settings, 768p resolution, using 998MB out of 2047MB vram, and still freezing. You can monitor vram with MSI Afterburner.


@PCFreak, that is strange. I will give it a shot soon and try to capture ressources usage at the same time. By the way MSI Afterburner work with you ? I try it once and crashed the server, I had to use GPU-Z.


I have these problems to on games that are easily ran with any junk computer such as Minecraft. Sometimes it will freeze then unfreeze in a different position. Just posting here to help verify this.


Here are two clips I put together


Hello, I've similar freezes on Borderland 1, that isn't greedy of vram. (High plan, not Ultra).
(I play on 1280*720 because streaming in 720p).
Even in 1920*1080, Gpu-Z says me under 400 Mo of vram, so there isn't a vram problem.

What can I do for reduce freezes? It's ruining gameplay... :frowning:
Thanks a lot!


Hello buddy,

Unfortunately as of now there is no any solution to this problem. It is very likely to be caused by SSD miss functioning.

Moreover, there is no confirmation or any other information on if LiquidSky team is looking at one of the popular issues, as of now.