When we can play Battlefield 5 on LS?


When will the graphics drivers be updated? Or is there another problem to play it?


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Not a question of if, but rather when in this case. Staff originally had a driver, but it was unstable and had to be sent back to Nvidia. For now they do have a fixed driver, but staff need to test it before they push it out live; though sadly they are a touch more preoccupied with Enterprise Projects at the moment (this is not all for nothing as they are testing new hardware that should trickle to down here if all goes well). In the case of Battlefield V you can try using this .dll workaround for the driver here:

You may also want to set the Windows Compatibility of the .exe of the game in Program Files also to Windows 7, as that may also help with performance.


The ‘when’ question has been unanswered for so long that I am starting to doubt the ‘if’. Your other (paying) customers are starting to get a little bit sick and tired of not knowing. The word ‘soon’ was dropped for the first time… what… a year ago?


Things have happened unfortunately, and there is only so much that staff can do (in the past it was thought that the service would upgrade to the Tesla P100, which would’ve already shipped with a newer driver [as I saw with testing]. It was only until recently that this new driver for the M60 had gone through the motions I mentioned above). To the extent of my knowledge some developers are working on many things at once; not that they don’t want to hire new staff to ease the workload, but it can take time to hire people.

Edit: I know I’ve been tooting LS’ horn for quite some time especially sounding like a broken record here, but unfortunately this is as much information that can be given here. Staff would love to tell exactly what is happening, especially with the aforementioned Enterprise projects but these are under NDA and B2B things which prevent full dissemination of information. There’s also the issue of hype, as it takes time from ideas to become reality. If staff were 100% transparent in this case Hype Train would’ve long derailed by now.


It’ll be 2 years in a month.


I played Battlefield V yesterday, it’s working too slow to even do anything on a Pro server. I hope they upgrade something to avoid the lag in the game. Fifa 19 play smoothly though.