When will the MAC version release?


When will the MAC version release?


No ETA on this, sorry. But the team are focussing on making PC and Android clients stable, so it will probably take some time until they release the Mac client. IIRC, you can run LiquidSky with WINE or Bootcamp on MacOS though.


It is more likely a HTML5 client will be released 1st than a MAC client. So while it won’t be fully compatible when the web version is released, its better than nothing.


OK,I already do like this now, thanks :slight_smile:


Hi, is there any url I can download the HTML5 client ?


That’s only been hinted at for the time being (internally tested probably within LS, but no one else but staff have access)- it is still a whiles off but hopefully will be out later in the year as an alpha or something.