When will we get liquidsky Nda?


Seems like its been forever since we signed the Nda yet we have heard nothing back, I sent Justin a Message he told me this LiquidSkyJustin Official Community Manager 27d
Hey LSLover,

Not to worry, as the Alpha test simply has not begun yet. All users will be alerted by E-mail once the Alpha test begins and NDA's will be distributed accordingly!

Keep a look out in your email on these forums for an announcement when our Alpha Test begins soon!

Thanks~ , but it goes live next month, so this leads me to believe that sadly it was all random which sucks to be paying 40 a month and not be picked for it but hey still a hell of a service hope it lives forever


I personally think it is a new alpha feature and has nothing to do with the remodel in Feb. They will finish working on this alpha feature and when its ready they will send the keys. The community managers have very limited resources to work off of to give you info that the devs only know about.


I wonder too when we get access to the Alpha before the beta launch again in March.
Its the 10th of February so we donĀ“t have a big alpha testing window here, its March before you know it.

I think if they want let existing users try the alpha i think they have do this soon, or otherwise it kind of useless because the Fix window is too short to correct any renaming (undiscovered Critical) bugs for the March launch.

I my case, i want to test the Linux client experience, so that for us Linux users can play also all the Windows Games without major breakage.