Where is NOOB7310?


Hi, I’m trying to contact this moderator NOOB7310, but every time I get on, he’s always off.

It’s like I never see him past 9pm and he doesn’t come on until after 9am.

It’s like he has a pattern. I don’t know what. Can someone please help me figure this out?

I always get home from work around 8:30pm to talk to this moderator about gaming, but he always seems to systematically leave at 9pm no matter what. I don’t know what to think.

Please send help.



Please be aware that the moderators are not LiquidSky employees and they are doing the moderator not as a job but only during their free time.

So please, no need for conspiracy theories.


It’s almost like I have a bedtime… :thinking:


BLASPHEMY! There must be another explanation!


But what if there simply isn’t one? :thinking: :thinking:


But, but, but… The signs! The prophecy! The Blind One has stated otherwise!

Do you dare name him as the one that’s wrong!?


Whom of the blind ones are you speaking of? :thinking: :thinking: :thinking:


Tis’ blasphemy to reveal Gerald’s name!


Maybe your time may be different from his, in your country, it could be like 7p m and on his like 4am


NO! It must be something else! I feel it in my bones


I saw that screenie too!

Green blood being pumped by the heart of GeForce and the spirit of Tesla is empowering many great people to achieve many great things


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