Where is that friday thing


where is it??????
they told they will do something on this friday


Let's hope it'll come soon :smiley: hope we get some of that beta goodness


soon u mean not days later Right???


well ofc :smiley: i'm here silently hoping to get into the beta


It's 7am on the US east coast as I am replying. Let the staff sleep.


i am living in italy and the time is 11:00 am lol


well now you know you gotta keep in mind that they are based in the US and to keep in mind the timezone.


It takes place on the forums.


where is the forums plz


You're on them! They will likely make a new thread at the start time so just check back in 4 hours and there should be something here.


It starts on these forums at 12:00 P.M. EST. So, in less than two hours.