Where the hell are you from?


Hi, just wondering where everybody is on the world. I'm living in South Australia.
If anybody has access to liquid Sky in Australia, let me know how it's performing for you and your internet speed where you live.
I've luckily got a 100/40 fibre to the Home connection installed, before our current government ballsed up our national internet infrastructure.


In victoria here I have like a 25/5 connection and stream 1080p@60 fps from the sydney server.

From what I've tested the NBN has a very good connection to liquidsky. Local latency is the biggest issue on the NBN.


If you don't have liquidsky here's the speedtest to their servers to see how it runs.



Thanks very much dimmonkey2011, good to hear. I'll give the speed test a go when I finish work. Cheers


I tried the speedtest and am getting a latency of 60 ms, 95Mbs down and 27Mbs up. Is that latency good enough for a good gaming experience?


It's not good but that's the datacenter liquidsky is in. Liquidsky is usually a lower latency than the rest of it. Check the free tier out when you can.


ok thanks for the heads up, I'm not too worried as I tend to play more tactical games these days, as my reflexes are getting too old for FPS games!


Hey my memory isn't the best apparently. I get a network latency of about 24ms from that server and here's my result on speedtest.

So you should be right for most games actually.


great to hear, thanks for going out of your way and doing another speed test.