Which graphics card is better?


I'm thinking about investing in a new graphics card for my PC and i was wondering which one is better,

The Nvidia GTX Titan X or a,

Dual AMD FIJI GPUs (8gb)????

Any help would be great thanks :slight_smile::slight_smile::+1::+1:


better would be TITAN X


Titan x, dual cards can be problematic sometimes


what about the AMD radeon graphics card? i heard that its pretty powerful?


My suggestion would be to hold off for one month. AMD's new Vega based card's specs have started leaking, so a release is imminent. Also, it is highly speculated that NVIDIA is bringing it's pascal GTX 1080ti soon. Hence, wait up, see the new cards, and then choose one of them, or if not, then get a better deal on the older ones.

As for 2 cards vs 1, always go single GPU. Atleast for the time being, until they fix multi GPU support. With the new DX12, Async tech, and now consoles having Dual GPUs, streamlined multi (Dual?) GPU gaming is not far.