Why do we have to pay? (Returning ad user, unable to pay)


Dam this messed up omfg


I’ve moved this topic and edited the title accordingly- the former was rather long and lengthy. I feel that simplifying to that is more clear to anyone who views this post. Mid-way through editing however I do regret my choice but sadly there’s no undo for what I’ve done (I will be more careful in the future- sometimes you don’t really realize the power/position you have).

To answer your inquiry sadly this was a change made way back in this past October:

This was a hard decision for us, but as our demand continues to grow, so too does our business. We have come to the conclusion that in order for us to maintain the direction we’re heading, we need to focus solely on our paid users. We truly appreciate all of our users. Everyone has been invaluable in beta testing LiquidSky and making us the company we are today. As such, we will be shutting down ad supported accounts. Effective immediately, ad supported accounts will no longer be able to access LiquidSky. "

The ad-supported plan was subject to abuse (I know being a former user of said plan myself) and thus was not sustainable for the company- same thing goes for the now closed free trial- it was subject to abuse and could have led to the eventual closure of the company.

You can try reaching out to support here but to my knowledge everyone has to pay- be it the now Beginner plan (new PAYG, effective since a few weeks ago) or a monthly subscription.



Dude i dont got credit cards and stuff i watch ads and gain 12k credits


Doesn’t matter- what’s there is there sadly. Again you can possibly try support but at the time you needed to have become a paying customer to be able to use your skycredits- even if you watched ads. Keep in mind I’m not staff in the official sense, only a user to help out/ensure that these discussion platforms are kept clean.


So if i pay once i dont have to pay again ? But i dont have credits card just a shit pc


As far as I know no (save for a three month inactivity timer- all you have to do is spend one skycredits within that period to ensure that your account will not be automatically deactivated), and if you are in the US you can pay by cash- see your options with XSolla (the other company which handles payments for LS).


Shiit bruh dammmm me to poor to aford this stuff


Sadly, you have to pay if you want to keep your skycredits. As you know new plans have been implemented and this also lead to investigation of inactive accounts. So, this has to be done to prevent inactive accounts to access the service.
Hope you understood.


Yah dude f… me dude i just wanted to plsy fornite with my friends


Sadly, it simply wasn’t sustainable for their business, as ads revenue didn’t cover server costs. The good news is that Fortnite is running perfectly fine on Gamer plan, so you can ake advantage of the lower burn rate compared to Pro.


Do deactive my account i will try to buy a plan


I can’t, I’m only moderator, with no access to LiquidSky’s backend tools. But that’s not even necessary, you can buy credits with your existing account, or simply create a new one. :slight_smile:


Yeahh… I was going to try it out but i’ll go ahead and just buy my super computer since i’ll be half way there after paying this for a year lol … Seriously, I can’t even TRY your service without paying $15 ??? Not even for like 10 min to an hour TRIAL??? Suck it. Lost a customer