Why does the client not start :?! HELP ME



No problem with the internet!

What is this mistake?
How to solve it?
Always worked fine, Skycomputer recently stopped working

I have not seen any problems before.

Just wasted money!


Never seen that one before. What data center are you on? HK has already been shut down, for example, and the others will follow today.


Frankfurt. The fact is that the client itself does not start either.
This error occurs exactly when starting the client itself.
I changed the data center to London, the problem remained…


Hm, Frankfurt is still up, just tested. Have you tried to delete the LiquidSky folder in %appdata%, and redownload the client?


Of course I tried. Did not help.


At this point I might suggest a full virus scan- assuming your local specifications are up to par with the minimums for the client. Not sure if it’ll be done in time however- as of writing there’s only an hour and then some before the service shuts down.


I did not know that you are closing …

I bought a subscription the other day, and spent only 1000 credits.
Will the money be refunded? If so, which part? Everything? Or 50%?


You’ll have to contact support with the link below: