WHY GOD WHYYYY! Sadlysadnessad


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The money is the problem


in a 3rd world country with the price of $15 they could eat for a whole week 3 times a day


That's pretty tough :confused:

Though we can't really expect Liquidsky to take the hit and offer the service over there at a cost. At that point why would Liquidsky even bother offering it in countries where it's actually giving the service and paying people to use it xD


@Kayl54 lol the accuracy of that statement made me chuckle

@jonnyh1994 Yeah that's for sure. It would be useless for liquidsky to operate at a loss. But consider this, (just my opinion I don't know if it's true), I live in a kinda 3rd world country and they have a server here too. Now I'm pretty sure the server and maintainence costs here are exponentially less as compared to servers in 1st world countries (labor and stuff is very cheap here). So if they could adopt a region based method, like steam used to do, then they would be able to entice an audience from these people too. People who can't afford to pay 10x the daily average income on a gaming platform (and that's just for the gamer plan lol).
It's not a problem for people like me, but I know many would be interested in this, but are limited by how expensive the conversion costs become.


@ksh12.1234 I suppose your right. Never thought about the actual maintenance costs dropping as well. But what's to stop someone from VPN/proxying into a country with cheaper prices than connecting to their local datacenter? I guess you could set a limit on where they can connect to depending on where the location of payment is located but that just brings a whole lot of complications. Like what about people who go on holiday/business trips (as Liquidsky gets bigger. This may become an attractive option for travellers who want to carry lightweight and mobile devices but still be able to play their favourite games on the go)


@jonnyh1994 Hmm. Yeah well that's true, it does bring in a whole lot of complications. I'm pretty sure though that the people back at liquidsky can figure something out! They are smart enough to bring such low latency gaming on the cloud, so implementing something like this would certainly be easier I guess.
Something I can say is like, yeah, limiting based on payment method is one thing that can be done. And the second thing is, very few people would actually use a VPN to get cheaper rates, as the gaming itself is on the cloud, and adding a VPN hop in the middle would only increase latency, which, depending on the service, could have minimal, or a disastrous effect. Most of the times I think people would prefer to go as lag free as possible, so would refrain from using a VPN.
Then there's the cost of VPN too. Buying a VPN just so that you can buy liquidsky cheaper actually diminishes, if any, of the profits of getting it cheap, and adding to that the VPN latency, I'm sure only a few handful would actually go through with something like this.

For people travelling, that would a problem. If you lock the region through payments then they wouldn't have access anywhere else. Well, one solution I can think of is give them the option to use the service in other places for say 10 days. But if you are travelling for more than that, then you'll have to change your country in settings like spotify does. And you can only use the servers present in that country. This way, long time travellers can access the service in the country they want and short time travellers will not have any problems anyways. This also helps stop exploitation because say someone in US purchases the plan from India, (first of all, he'd need a friend or an Indian payment process because of the payment lock you proposed), then he changes his country to India and tries to log in, then he can only log in to Indian servers, which, juding by the distance, would make him lag horribly and make the whole process not that lucrative (plus I don't know why someone would want to connect to a server other than the one closest). I think they already have server lock implemented for pay on the go and gamer plan, through which you cannot connect to every server, just the ones nearest. I say do it for all the plans and put up region locking and the abovementioned proposals and I'm sure they would be pretty tight against wannabe exploiters.

Just my 2 cents, there could be loopholes around it or something I missed. Feel free to add in. Hopefully if we churn out something worthwile we can propose it to liquidsky themselves and get this service kickstarted in other countries as well :smiley:


Actually, that's not how it works everywhere. I live in a third world country (Brazil) and it is actually more expensive to maintain servers here than in the USA. You can look at that by comparing the prices of a bare metal server from Softlayer located in Brazil and in, let's say, Dallas. We have huuuuuuge taxes and enormous inefficiency. Basically, every cloud service here is more expensive than in the USA. Therefore, they might be operating at a very close margin here in this country.
This might not be true for, let's say, India (I have no idea if it is, though). Although we have waaaay lower GDP per capita, electronics cost about 2x more than in the US.


Ayy fellow brics member waddup!
Huge taxes and inefficieny? I feel you bro. It's not so different here too, unfortunately.
Shitty politicians amirite :confused:

Although I think since they have to stick with Softlayer (contracts and established infrastructure?), it'll be costlier for them to set up servers in the 3rd world. I think softlayer marks up the prices here because of all the factors you mentioned, yeah. But if they can move away, they would find cheaper servers which our local providers provide. Pretty much the same hardware too. And oh boy are the bandwidth prices falling. Used to pay $30pm for a 16mbps connection at just 20GB FUP just 2 years ago. Now I pay $15pm for a 75mbps at 200GB upload and 200GB download lol.
Pretty sure business oriented bandwidth plans have also got a reduction in prices. Ever since we got competiton in the market from around 6 months ago its been all gold for us.

Anyhow, all depends on how liquidsky decides to go with it. I think their priorities right now are smoothing out the service imho. Especially the freezes and lags. All of this would be feasible when they are finally up and running and can afford to think expansion and stuff. Ain't that right?


Yeah. I don't know if you saw but they posted on their blog that they will not allow new signups after Jan 6 until late February, which means they will probably work on balancing things for us, finding the right proportion.
Since Russia and South Africa don't have a data center, you're either from India or China. But yeah, prices are falling since businesses develop more technology. But we still have to pay for expensive internet here.

The problem with finding other data centers in Brazil is that when I looked up a few months ago there was not a single company providing GPU-based servers, not even Amazon and Microsoft. IBM was the only company publicly selling GPU-based servers. But yeah, maybe in the future some other company will provide better pricing (or IBM will manage to set prices down).

I don't know if you have Christmas where you live but, merry Christmas.


lol, my LiquidSky computer is not ever starting and it's asking me to create a new Cloud Computer. :cry:
Hahaha, all my mods and 60 hours in Skyrim gone, I can only laugh at my pain and try not to remember all the stuff I'm losing. (If I can't remember it, I never really had it, so less suffering for me) :smiley:


@dstatusw Yeah that's for sure. I'm quite hopeful for the post Jan patches. It'll be a much needed upgrade to the service.
I had no idea GPU based servers were that rare, though since we are going in the right direction affordable infrastructure is not so far I guess.
Oh and a Merry Christmas to you too mate! This be a land of festivals, we celebrate everything here! :smiley:

@iHack3x2 Ayy lmao. Did you try contacting support? Maybe they have system snapshots or something and can help you restore your session. Anyhow, I'm pretty sure all of this would be less of an occurance once they stop taking in new beta testers and finally upgrade after the 6th of Jan.
But 60hrs of modded skyrim. Damn. I feel for ya bro :pensive:


hi guys you look all pro users of the liquide sky service ... i am new here :stuck_out_tongue: i need this :trophy: what they call to try it my self for the first time so can anyone of you help me with that pl:gift:ze


@ksh12.1234 great discussion here which touches on bigger challenges the wold faces from a money disparity point of view, which I am not going to attempt to solve here. (although my overall view is that everybody should be an equal and the wealth disparity is disgusting so I dream for a solution)

LiquidSky is relatively new and has only just started opening its doors to the public. A cloud infrastructure to support an offering like this takes and future growth requires huge investment and being a new kind of service (with previous similar offerings like OnLive not doing so well) new investors are probably concerned about risk. What liquidsky offers is different and I am personally very bought into this idea so I seriously hope it does well. But that aside, the point to this is that LiquidSky rely on existing cloud infrastructure offerings (Such as IBM, Amazon and Microsoft) in order to be able to scale and deliver a smooth service which means:

  1. They are tied to the prices they can negotiate with the respective providers
  2. Unit they have a big enough (paying) subscriber base they can't really negotiate prices too much

  3. Even the data centre owners (IBM, Amazon, Microsoft etc) are limited to operating costs, local taxes and other country-specific rules/regulations that cause operational costs to vary

It's a complex world we live in and I hope I see a day in my lifetime where we all have the same kind of access to services as anyone else in the world but we have to build that first and we have only just begun our period in humanity of the information age :baby:

I must have too much time on my hands right now, what a long post :joy: :joy:


Yeah I've started to see the point of why it might be tough for them to do such a thing right now. Let's hope the userbase grows and one day they are mature enough to look for options in growth among developing countries!
Currently I'm just hyped for the 6th Jan announcement and the upcoming alpha testing. Let's see what they have up their sleeve. If they just solve the stutter and freezes it'd be darn good achievement, let alone GPU upgrades and optimizations.


Me too! Knowing that it's a challenge that even the big companies haven't achieved yet (high end graphics over long distances with little artifacts) makes me excited that this can only improve more :slight_smile:


I was recently thinking, you know this service they provide us allows them to conceal all of the hardware involved. We have access to the specs but can't physically touch it. This is the perfect opportunity for them to offer us the lastest and greatest cpu & gpu technology available. If Intel & Nvidia were committed to Liquid Sky I think we would already have these things...