Why haven't Russia Datacenter?


I think that you need to add Russia Datacenter.I cant play games with 300+ Ping!


They said that would be in Moscow, St. Petersburg - somewhere out there...


Waiting for this too, currently using Frankfurt DC and ping is about 50-150 :confused:


Generally, given that I am close to the border of Poland and ping 20-30 to DC Frankfurt - quality still can not put the highest (picture freezes) - Internet 100mbps / s.


offical answer (http://blog.liquidsky.tv/2017/02/06/ama-catch-liquidsky-ceo-ian-mcloughlin/):
"We have plans to expand to a datacenter in Russia in Q2-Q3 of this year. In the meantime we are trying to get better peering and PoPs to more locations in Russia to help solve connection issues. Please be sure to also try ethernet! WiFi over 2.4Ghz causes a lot of loss. Also don’t forget to have all of your friends go to: https://liquidsky.tv/data-centers and recommend Russia so that we can convince our partners to help us expand there!"