Why should I renew LiquidSky?


I am just curious to how you guys feel. I have been here for 2 months and saw no updates or any real improvements implemented. Most of the time I get stutters and freezes all the time while staying on the ultra server. I am sick of LS not doing anything and I don''t know if I really want to renew LS. There is another streaming game service called Playstation Now and it's half the price for unlimited play on any of their PS3 games which are 450+ and counting. There are a lot of titles I like on it. Whats the big difference? Well it is cheaper for one thing and another it RARELY messes up at all. Most of the time my screen streams the 720p resolution just fine and everything is clear without lag which LS has. Sure it is closed-catalog but what is the use for open-catalog if it screws up all the time, never updates to fix things, and support is a joke. Any reasons why I should stay with LiquidSky?


We can't create a reason for you to stay, more than likely you know if you should stay or not.

Perhaps come back later when there are improvements, I'm fine with the service for now. I really like new tech and it haven't been so bad to me. Only lag spike every now and then and I'm not playing games where it would cause major frustration.


You do have a point..I could always resubscribe once it is out of beta and stable. I see potential for this service but I live on social security and this is very expensive for a service that has a lot of problems. If they get around and start fixing things maybe they can bring in more subscribers but this paid beta just kind seems like kind of a rip off. We should be getting some early access subscriptions like most other companies do during beta.


What really grinds my gears is the inability to acknowledge freezes and framedrops from the liquidsky team. My brother uses the unlimited package, and on the Ultra pc he gets the exact same amount of framedrops as I do.

I still can't get over the fact that there are people who want a tier higher than the Ultra...Like? For real? They should freaking fix these issues first before implementing new pc's! But no, it literally seems like the client is getting a N E W higher tier instead of fixing this. And I wonder how much more expensive its going to be. Really makes you wonder if its worth renewing, specially if you started the subscription due to the more economic aproach LiquidSky apparently offers for pc gaming.

My other gripe is the lack of communication from the LiquidSky team regarding ANYTHING, they don't update their community, let alone talk to them. I feel this happens as well on the subreddit.

LiquidSky is the only service on the market that offers a service like they do, and if they continue ignoring communication and ignoring glaring issues, they are going to crumble down quicker than freaking Onlive.


I'd say unsub and wait until it's improved. Even ULTRA can't handle Watchdogs 2 on ULTRA and the Vram issue is still waiting to be solved + There's that ssd/hdd problem but these things take time and funding so I am going to give them some more time- It's on beta after all


Overall, I feel my experience with Liquid Sky is near prefect. On a bad day I get about 2 - 3 framedrops an hour. On a good day 1 framedrop every 2 - 3 hours. I am only 25 miles away from my Datacenter so I'm thinking that this service won't be prefect until ethernet technology progresses a few more steps.


Yea lack of communication, crap support, junk client, expensive for what you get even on ultra, this is a lousy service. I am still going to give beta keys out but there is no more money coming from me that is for sure.


Playstation Now doesn't even remotely compare. Their catalog is closed old games and while I am not discounting them outright, that means you can only play those old games Sony selects.

LiquidSky gives you access to an enormous multi-thousand library of games just through Steam alone. New games too.

Development can take time. Usually more than a few months. Not to mention LiquidSky is probably understaffed and overworked being a fairly young startup.


I also really think the Service needs to improve.
There is almost no communication from LS.

My SkyPC experience is not good at all, it freezes and has framedrops, first i thought it was a issue from my ISP, but we debugged end to end (Business Fiber Line), and the connection is fine, it seems that the SkyPC simply cannot handle games that well, and seems to hit bottlenecks (overcrowding the servers?).

And the Support is not at the very best, it began with the Linux client, they posted install instructions that are not even work anymore, i needed to debug it for myself to get the client working... =(, so all Linux gamers getting a broken client, a good first impression when you give test keys to Linux users.

Please LS, stop given out new beta keys, stop overselling the platform and first go troubleshoot the serious issues the platform has.

Let see if the community manager responds to our complaints,we are paying costumers. Its in Beta, but it feels more like a Alpha or a Proof of concept state.


The LiquidSky team used to be very active in the subreddit. I miss those days, back when team members would respond directly to many posts, and provide status updates of their development plans / progress.

I'd like to think their lack of communication isn't intentional, just that they've grown too large, too fast. I hope they will return to their old communicative ways eventually. But, I do fear their responses might become too generic. New staff won't have the same depth of knowledge as the old team members, and it will take time for them to acquire it, if they ever do.


They went "public" way too fast. The demand was there and they wanted to appease the demand which would result in revenue to continue building out the service. Now, the water line is a bit too high with the number of subscribers and even just beta users. They're trying to catch up, but it could take too long at this rate. They should either stop opening up the betas because it's dragging down the system and their reputation or they need to scale up their development team to catch up to the demand.

Datacenters are a whole different issue. Yes, they need more, but if the software can't get the job done, there's no point in more datacenters. It's the middle ground that needs work. I will most likely not be continuing my subscription until I see some improvement in the software.


You all are right. I agree with almost everyone's statements. Now that they will not be accepting new people after the 6th makes me really happy as hey will be improving the servers and I am guessing they are probably going to start updating SkyPCs to Windows 10 as that is what they have hinting for. I know for a fact is that are upgrading the GPUs!. I think I will renew at least once more as it looks like they are finally getting think done and I just can't wait till the GPU upgrades and see what is done.


All fair points. I don't remember my sub date... May have to just stick it out another month to see what happens. Those updates would be very nice.