Will Latency problem be solved in the new Liquidsky?


Hi,Just wondering,I know Liquidsky still has some lag or latency when it's coming to controlling in game.For example when I push the analog stick to look left it takes about a millisecond or so for the camera to move accordingly.Also,it is very important for timing sequence battles when you have to push the buttons for the battle to progress.1 millisecond late and that could cause mission failure.So that's why I wanted to ask that will this latency issue be improved when the new liquidsky releases?Or will it still remain the same.I can understand.Also,I couldn't connect to my skycomputer.Tried restarting my skycom but I use it and after a while it can't connect anymore.Everybody all over the world is having this problem.Is it possible that they are preparing for the new skycomputer,Liquidsky to be release?


They've improved latency and I think that latency on their end is around 20 ms now. However, your latency from your ISP will also come into play. One final point of possible increased latency could be your local machine. On the top of the client, it tells you the local and network latency.


Hello @kpiyapat,

This guide linked below may help you a little :slight_smile:


Thank you "zachbrownfield",thank you "jonnyh1994".


Im just wondering...

I remember seeing in the presentation that theyll offer "even less latency" on 2.0.
So I was wondering if that is true, or if the further reduction in latency comes from the cloud computers being more powerful. When they can push 60 fps, there will be less time waiting for frames after all.


It sounded like they worked on their compression & back-end to improve the base latency on their end. The new 2.0 hardware will allow higher FPS performance though too.


Thank you for clarifying. Was too lazy to work my way through the latest Twitch AMA to find out. (They really should write up a summary of the most interesting bits)

BTW, I really like your YT videos. Got me to think about cloud computing before I got beta access here and the possibilities it offers. Keep it up. :slight_smile:


Thanks, I'm glad you've gained something from them. I'm excited to get my hands on the new Client and Performance Modes to do more extensive testing.


So the new hardware will remove the 60FPS cap? Where did you hear this, out of curiosity?


It was mentioned in the twitch stream by Ian.


Yes, but to be clear this is where you start getting into the higher end of bandwidth requirements. If I remember correctly this will require >20 Mbps.


Hei just a general comment to the discussion.

With 60Hz(fps) it take 16ms to render frame.16ms.
If ever liquidsky go higher on fps, then let say 100 fps will hava a render time of 10ms.
But, it is not possible to press button faster than 30 ms, not to mention reaction time.
So anything under 50ms will probalby have noe effect on the gameplay.

I am currently using Gefroce Now on shield TV, and cannot detect any considerable delays on the response time even when I am connected through vpn (that adds about 50-60ms)
I still get smoth gaming experience in Whitcher.

I do hope liquidsky will work just as well, so I can download app to shield and play on the TV:)


Any lag becomes apparent with mouse tracking.

I wonder what the breaking point is there but id estimate it to as low as 6 or 7 ms.

Also, the lag introdroduced by the frame rate is half of the time between the frames at the respective rates since the input will be at the half point between frames on average.

For example, at 100hz you have a time of 10ms between frames (lets disregard that they are really drawn continuously. Your input will however occur at a random time in relation to the next frame, so on average just between each frame, halving the frame lag to 5 ms.

We have to conclude then, that a jump from 60 frames to 100 only saves us 3 ms (8 ms - 5 ms). Really not a worthwhile result when you consider the added performance needed.


If I can just add an anecdote to this. I play liquidsky at 2 different amounts of latency my pc is about 50ms all up and my nexus player runs at about 25ms. Most games I can play on the pc, but fast paced shooters and fighting games or any game that demands reflexes I have to play on the nexus they are unplayable on my pc with that lag.