Will liquid sky work with internet speeds less then 1mbps


My internet speed is 1mbps do I have any chance of playing dota 2 on liquidsky


Sadly it is not enough. You need at least 4Mbps for decent quality at 720p@30fps


Low settings and 30-40 fps is fine by me,then?


Will it lag badly if I use ls on 1mbps


say what are your download speeds, like when you download stuff with chrome and stuff?


@shettybharatha 1Mbps won't even be lag free at its lowest setting. It's simply not possible.

@ishtyaqkhan1 My personal connection is an 8Mbps/1Mbps Up-Down ADSL connection and I get 1MB/s at most. I run 720p@30fps around 85% quality to keep some bandwidth free for data fluctuation from the stream and not get any screen tearing/lag.


I hate to say this but a 1mbps internet is only good for surfing and not even enough for youtube.com LiquidSky will probably fail out with an error or else you will get in but be so laggy that it is impossible to play it. Try getting a better ISP if you can. You MUST have at least a 5mbps connection and even then you may have issues.


Well thanks for replying everyone I'll try it once then I'll do something with my internet plan or I'll just use a 3g or 4g data connection. But do you guys how big data pack would I need for dota 2 everyday 3hrs


On a 1080p 60 Frames, a ┬┤quality block┬┤ in the quality bar is around 2 Mbps bit rate (when the screen is changing constantly)
The client has 12 ┬┤quality blocks┬┤ in the quality bar, so its around this.

1 = 2 Mbps = 900 MB per hour
2 = 4 Mbps = 1800 MB per hour
3 = 6 Mbps = 2700 MB per hour

I Think you get the point :slight_smile:

One other thing only try LS via 4G, 3G has quite of latency in its protocol.
Make sure you have a Good 4G reception.


In my place we have which provides 3g/4g connection with unlimited data for an hour it costs about 21rs. If my connection has a speed of 4 or whatever Mbps will that much data as you have given above be entirely used or only how much the game needs it will use


The data consumption on your device is not the same data consumption the SkyPC has. You are using the internet to view a stream (think youtube) and while there are data fluctuations, it is a pretty constant data stream. If you set the stream to use 4Mbps then it will roughly use 4Mbps / 8 bits * 3600 seconds = 1800 MB per hour.


Well said Jimmy well said


I am also from India. I use 4mbps data. Works well on 720p


What download speed you get on your 4mbps connection?


About 512 kbps I had no issues so far and I am satisfied with present (low) quality


"About 512 kbps I had no issues so far and I am satisfied with present (low) quality"

I think you mean 512 kB/s (kiloBytes per second). It's a small but important difference when talking internet bandwidth and speeds.


Liquid Sky support your download speed on your Sky computer. your internet connection help you connect to Liquid Sky


Yeah I meant kilobytes also I am very close to my closest data centre. It is with in 100km


You are from northern india right?


South . Kerala almost close to chennu database