Will LiquidSky come to Bangalore, India?


Hi, I am from India and lately, I have become a fan of cloud gaming.

I believe none of the cloud gaming providers have their servers in India, which is why I am not able to try out cloud gaming at all.

The pricing scheme is a bit on the expensive side, but then it’s affordable.

I have 100Mbps connection with average latency of 45ms to Banglore servers.

I am waiting so badly…


Hi @superplayerX,

Unfortunately as of this time we have no update if we are going to open a data center near your region.

But as soon as we will open one, we will inform everyone here in the forum and from our Social Media accounts.


Hi @LiquidAries,
thanks for the update.
Hmm, maybe until then I have to wait.

But may I know what are your expansion plans?

I mean, in a year, you’ll expand to different countries or is it 5 years?
Does it also depend upon the number of requests from a region (if more people will request then you’ll work on it)?

Thanks again? :slight_smile:



As of this time we have no update or timeline of any data center expansion yet.

We will see more of the developments as more of our clients roll out and once the current Windows and Client version become more stable which will in turn create more user purchases and subscription.


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