Will we get early access to the new LiquidSky?


In discount (which was until January 6) to say something about it. And it
follows from this that existing users will get access to a new client
LiquidSky in february, and for new (when the output from the beta) in
March? I think it's a good idea - we will test two weeks (for example),
and the remaining two weeks LiquidSky will correct the problems
discovered by us...

P.S As for the local ping (my problem) - after buying the video card
r7 240 local ping at 1080p@30fps - 3-6ms, but at 1080p@60fps mode -
still observe large local ping (or rather, a serious lag in management,
liquidsky shows at the same time local ping 15-20ms ...).
And do the following conclusion - this is a problem on their side (a
problem with AMD graphics cards), because my video card is able to play
2k, 4k video.


They are having an Alpha test, but whether us already existing Beta users will get early access is currently unknown.


There is huge job for the LS team to release new PLAN and functions.
I hope we keep quite and wait for that day, I don't hope a hurry thing that with bugs everywhere.