Win 1800 SkyCredits With The LiquidSky Avatar Story Contest!


Make Your Own Avatar Story And Win 1800 SkyCredits!

Is that Viking a hardcore gamer or something? Do you think Medusa is a “Hanzo” main in Overwatch? And what’s the deal with the Wolf? What if the wolf was called “moon moon” and was the official mascot of LiquidSky?

Well why not!

In the LiquidSky “Who’s that Avatar” Contest, you make the rules and you write the story!

Give any avatar a story and name of your own, and we will feature it inside of our own client forever! 15 winners will even receive 1800 SkyCredits and instant access for their stories!

It’s as simple as that! Make up a fun story while your in queue waiting to play your next match for a chance to win a FREE 1800 SkyCredits, instant access and have your story featured inside the client!

Our contest will run all the way up until 5/5/2017 so there’s plenty of time to submit a story and win some SkyCredits!

  • LiquidSky will have 15 separate threads available, one for each avatar! Users can submit a story for each avatar so feel free to submit stories to all of them and maximize your chance to win!

  • The Top 3 stories from every thread will be voted on by the community and the winner will receive 1800 SkyCredits!

  • Go wild as the funniest stories will go into the client and be used as the official bio for our avatars!

All of our Official Avatar Submissions Threads can be found below!

So have fun, win some SkyCredits and show us “Who’s that Avatar!” with LiquidSky!

Can't get the free version
What did I miss?


Cool. That's great Justin


@LiquidSkyJustin where is the threads ?



What's the deadline for submitting the stories?


5th may bro...(20 characters)


Pfff.. Bored. It's just an excuse. Talent job.


What happened to my avatar is Mr.LiquidSky jumped out of the loading screen and into my little avatar bubble. :stuck_out_tongue: Does that qualify? lol


what time does the competition end at today?. (yes im aware of est time now )


Hey guys , i have a doubt here.. My story has exactly 75 words not including the title which is 3 word long. As i coulndt fit all aspects of my story i resumed all i could in those 75 words , but i wrote a very brief description below my story Does that count as valid? does the extra descriptions gets me disqualified.? That was just to add the desired feeling to the story. Tell me if its wrong so i can edit! Thanks!


@LiquidSkyJustin What about the competition then ? It´s already the second day... When is the Winner Announcement coming ?


No answer to direct questions?


The Avatar Contest has been officially closed.

Polling will begin later today, and users will be able to vote until the end of Monday for our selected winners!

The top three stories from each thread will be featured in each Avatar thread, for voting purposes~

Thanks for participating all and good luck!


@LiquidSkyJustin Where do we vote Or when?? it's 11am Monday for me now


Yup, buddy vote for your favourite story till Monday. So, hurry...:wink:


@skyhelix I thought LS staff were gonna pick 3 entries from each thread and then let's us vote for the best of the 3.

Edit actually never-mind I see the voting in each of those threads now

I guess I missed the thread where they told everyone to scroll to top of each entry page so we can vote!!!!!


Yup buddy, actually i was also lost..and i was unable to find the voting..but it was on the same thread, .. Hav a nyc day voting
Buddy i also got two threads pinned in voterlist..


Err.. . sorry for the ignorance here guys , but... it says voting ends at 11:59PM EST, is that like 11:59, or 23:59.
I think its the first so it should have ended by now am i right?.


@spike.spiegel22 11.59pm est so yes it will be 23:59