Win 1800 SkyCredits With The LiquidSky Avatar Story Contest!


Lol thanks... i was taking it like 12:00 PM :smiley: I thought was a winner already!... By the way chek out for my lion god, ragnar the striped and, sigrun the wolf stories :wink:


Good luck everyone!
Question to the mods though, the blog that was written has the entry requirements.
The first rule in the list is 'All story entries must be a minimum of 10 words long and a maximum of 75 words long.' How come some of the final 3 that have been picked are over 75 words? Surely this is breaking your own rules


Buddy,stories are stories and 75 words were minimum for someone to express a good it is breaking rules but quality matters not quantity...
Edit: your stories were good, I liked reading're really creative


Stories are stories yes, but rules are rules and the world is built on rules.
If the rules state 75 words max, then how is it fair for the people that played by the rules and squeezed their story into 75 words to then be beaten by someone who flagrantly ignored the rules?
I honestly don't mind that much, I'm just a stickler for rules!


Yes but i agree with hozzdutch.... Rules are rules,, i made a 200 words story of the Lion, then i realized it had to be 75 words, so i followed the simple requirements that LiquidSky themselves determined. I had to cut it to 75 words. Then i opened a topic to post my full story In order not to be disqualified. That is misleading.... they should have put in the blog " there is a maximum of 75 words but stories are stories feel free to break this rule. :D"


I got a debate question Who should win guys?

  • Rule Breakers with a fantastic story
  • A fantastic story made in 75 words from a "commited to the activity mechanics " person.


Choose up to 2 options

Votes are public.


I think that limit should be 150 words....and beyond this story disqualified what you think?? "Rules are made for breaking"


Ok, picture the scene....
You enter the Red Bull Soapbox Race. You spend a couple of weeks in your shed, hammering away, building a masterpiece of soapbox racing, the very pinnacle of your existence.
Your start your run, manage to make a few comical powerslides but thrash the timer and everyone else.
After everyone has finished their racing, the last person shows up but he's not got a soapbox. He's got a Bugatti Veyron. He steams throught he course in 5 seconds flat and the judges award him 1st place.

I think you'd feel a little bit sad.

Now I'm not saying that a 75 word story is the equivalent of spending weeks in a shed (not for me anyway, I can't speak for everyone! :wink:) but it's the point. Rules are there to be obeyed.


@hozzdutch i get what your saying and all but LS staff has chosen the entries now we must vote on them.

in my opinion if there was a big problem with being more than 75 words they would not have chosen them.


Again, if there is no big problem, they should have been specific about that ... just a matter of being fair... And then.. well if there is no big problem then i can submit my full story of the lion now that the point is clear? (i made it before posting my 75 words version)


So, I am with you guys.. Rules must be followed... But chosen stories should be given a chance to cut short their stories or they r disqualified.. I could cut short my story to 75 word.. But really disappointed..


That would be fair because we took the time and effort to reduce the story without losing escence , not an easy thing to do. But i think a better option is to let all selected guys, to edit their post now to the full version so the contest experience gets more intense. ( note that i still want to respect rules, by now i would have updated it but i will wait the official opinion and stick to that )


Yes, it could be my opinion also.


By the way I love the rasainis story of the wolf, with the pictures and all. Thats why i dont think he should cut his story.


Nice example by the way... !


@LiquidSkyJustin Hello Justin! So .. what happened to the contest ? do we have the winners yet?


I know right it's like 9:45 am for them now

But it's 2:43pm for me would love a response


Anyway its way past 11:59PM of 08/05/17, and polls are still open!


I think the votes should not be valid after monday.. It could be cheating and breaking of rules @liquidskyjustin give some response...


Congratulations, you are winning buddy...., I think polls are open so best wishes... Hope you grab the reward...