Win 1800 SkyCredits With The LiquidSky Avatar Story Contest!


Thanks man,! hope it , i've never won any contest in my life lol.... sad story :cry:


You'll win man you're creative...i would wish you win this..


@LiquidSkyJustin please tell when this will end.....


Thanks skyhelix!,,, im afraid we have no other option than to be patient ... :disappointed_relieved:


Darn,... i failed being patient... what's up where is everybody? are you ok liquidsky staff? do you need me to cal 911?


Hey all, we are currently tallying up all the votes and winners should be up within the next few hours!

Thank you all for participating!


Come on hurry up! lol... its been 3 hours since that, 4 hours is not that "few" anymore . :stuck_out_tongue:


So will you guys be done by tomorrow then, because it is already pretty late


They would be announcing the winners soon....Grab your seat belt..


I hope instead to grab my controller


Im guessing they work only until 5 PM ... so . Results might be ready by tomorrow about that time. :cry:


lol i hope you dont take offence but why is your team so slow with everything. updates delayed, new settings delayed, contest delayed etc.. am i missing something??


Buddy, they have such a small team but they do their best for us, cloud computing is the biggest task...maintaining,marketing and all slowed them, but they still provide us all these things.. so wait they must be busy doing something else and must have forgotten about the competition...:slight_smile:


Hey all,

The winners have been finalized and decided!

Our list of winners and prizes will all be distributed throughout tomorrow!

Tune in to our announcement to see if you've won ;D

and thank you for all your wonderful stories!


Hi @LiquidSkyJustin when you say tomorrow do you mean the 10th or 11th of may?


What you lol for???. it's a simple question. 5 hours ago he said they will let people know tomorrow. I want to know is that literal or is it actually today?

Today is 10th of may and tomorrow is the 11th of may....


Yup you're right. a funny sarcasm applied if it were 9th of may today. I surely expect it to be the worst case, that being they tell the winners at may 11th.


Obviously buddy on 11th of may....


It's not obvious dude..otherwise I would not have asked.. You never heard anyone say talk to you tomorrow when its already early hours of the morning like 1 am etc.....but they mean the same day?


Haha dont do this to me guys.. I see the little number of the notifications and get excited :stuck_out_tongue: