Win 1800 SkyCredits With The LiquidSky Avatar Story Contest!


Hehe sorry I'm not very patient as you can tell.. :slight_smile:


Huh... ? Votes still open... now i've lost the wolf contest. :frowning: :cry: :cry: :cry:


Hey @LiquidSkyJustin will there be new contested soon?


@spike.spiegel22 you should be still be a winner because he said 9 hours ago


I just hope thats true and they got a way to know who voted ater their deadline.


No votes after 11:59pm would be taken because system record till the time limit after that votes are not recorded so after 11:59 pm who wins with one of two extra vote is not a winner...
Spike u still a winner...


Thanks community for voting my story and making me a winner.
Especially i would like to thanks @spike.spiegel22, @bazzyjw, @null61, @Dimacherni, @Freead.. For giving me vote and @liquidskyjustin for bringing this creative contest....
Thank you everyone.....


congrats @skyhelix good job. also thank you to everyone that voted for my story :slight_smile:


Thanks also for participating with me and commenting along to @skyhelix and @bazzyjw , while i'll wait for the prizes to arrive, i should say i won a more important prize... friends! So see you around guys!...


See you too buddy!... on the sky. Hope to see the skylounge soon, so we could share our gameplay also....


Hi guys.! So anyone got the prize yet?


@spike.spiegel22 just checked mine not yet, but its only like 10am or something where they are now so hopefully in the next few hours :slight_smile:


By the way @skyhelix .. what games u play on LS? u @bazzyjw ?


@spike.spiegel22 the main games i play are arma 2/dayz mod and dayz standalone. what about yourselff what do you play?


I just played the following games from the startup:-
BF1 - high to med in PRO
Titanfall 2 - high to med in PRO
BF4 - high to med in GAMER
BF3 - high to med in GAMER
Mafia 3 - med to low in PRO
Batman arkham city - med to high in GAMER
Witcher 3 - low in PRO
Tomb raider anniversary -high in GAMER
GRID auto sport - med in GAMER
Edit: want to play Gta 5 but unable to..
I will play mass effect andromeda.. Just buyed but short of credits..


The main game i play is
ARK survival ( highly recommended)
But i had issues with pings and datacentres and had to delete my sky computer, then i came across Dishonored 2 demo and thas all i've been playing these weeks and i will definetly buy it.
I look forward to buy
Rise of the tomb raider,
Deus Ex Mankind divided.
Also Mass Effect Andromeda.
And looking for recommendations on any amazing graphics games .


I've been unable to reach my computer all day,have the winners gotten their prizes yet?


Not me, ive just checked!... Most probably is that we get it tomorrow.


Hey, the latency shown in the client is correct or is ambiguous, actually in the softlayer ibm website ping is more, but from speed test i get less latency so who is correct??


That's interesting I've got Witcher 3 set to ultra on pro only turning down the nvidia hairworks settings.