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@DimMonkey what's your region and what's your data center...


I have 2 accounts. One to sydney and the other to washington dc.

Mostly use sydney due to being 800kms from there.


Mostly you would be experiencing less latency, mine latency is more that's why FPS games are unplayable ...


Well I play games on sydney and don't have any noticable lag. I was just curious if you tried witcher 3 on higher settings or if you started having performance issues going above it.


I played it at high for sometime no lag but after 30 minutes my fps drops below 15 and it was unplayable..after that i played it at medium no lag for sometime but again fps drops, then when i played it at low, i have no problem since then fps always above 30..even at gamer..
Edit: you played it at ultra settings, have you experienced any lag, mine case must be my data center, i was in Frankfurt data center but now i am in Hong Kong data center, but not tried any game cause i am low in credits..


No issues on witcher 3 for me. It might be the datacenter could be anything, I'm playing the gog version.


I want to participate in this contest


That contest is long over. Check the latest blog post for the current LoL event.