Win video games for free! (Contest)


Hey guys! I have tons of awesome games to give away to everyone!

Galactic Civilizations Ultimate Edition
Sid Meier's Civilization III Complete
Shadow Complex Remastered
(2) Little Inferno
Super Hexagon
Strike Suit Zero
Toki Tori 2+
Dear Esther
English Country Tune
Intrusion 2
Oil Rush
Thomas Was Alone
Ice Lakes
Gods Will Be Watching

There will be 18 winners in all! Winners will be able to pick they're prize!

To enter simply go to this link:
Fill out the form and I will announce ONE random winner whenever I feel like it! (Probably a few times a day)


it's a virus? ---------------------


What is a virus, I do not understand your question...


It´s google form, can not be virus lol


It's a very simple form that I'm going to use to possibly try to help LiquidSky with by getting information.


I hope to get that civ v :smiley:


Sent a form :slight_smile:Hope that i get one of the random games


The winners are picked at random. But if your a winner you get to choose which game you take.


Is the games above all you have?


Yes all those games.


I like free games but winning them is better!


First winner is @NeoFlix PM me your game!


Congrats :tada: @NeoFlix for winning a game


Haha very supportive, I used an online randomizer.


Alright, that's done. I liked the look of CIV IV....:slight_smile:


What is done? ---------


I completed your form. Done.


I got civ v codes and all work :slight_smile: It was civ v complete pack so I am very happy! Definately will play it. I have civ v in my other steam account but without any dlc so it´s like new game for me :slight_smile:


Haha glad your happy :slight_smile:


really hope i win because i want civ 4 or Dear Esther