Win video games for free! (Contest)


Okay I'm doing 3 winners today! First come first serve out of the three of you!

  1. @tigolbittiesonline
  2. @derekcougar2024
  3. @aldormann

Each winner please PM me with what game you want.


Submitted form! I am always a fan of more games! :slight_smile:


I've submitted the Form and I do not want to say that I want to win for I have Bad Luck then, to all Participants: Good Luck! :smiley:


I have submitted. GL everyone


i complete the form :smiley: GL ALL


I have completed the form.. make me happy too!


Form submitted. Good luck all.


All done. I've submitted my form, good luck everyone!


Form submitted! :slight_smile: good luck everyone!


Is this contest dead?


oh i so late for see this u,u


i realy hope i win : Galactic Civilizations Ultimate Edition

i wil play it a lot


Last time he posted was April 25 and only 4 winners so far. Did he just PM the rest of them or is giveaway still active?


Dude, it’s just a google forms :stuck_out_tongue:


Yea,dude calm down​:v::v:


So is it still active?


Maybe​:no_mouth::sweat_smile: , who knows?


Well guess we wait…


Plz give me Shadow master remastered :grinning::grin:


Cyberdelic please tell me how can I access my free beta plan key.?? Plzz