Windows 10 Store Client


In short, a new way to access LiquidSky directly from the windows store, in addition, could be used as UWP to be executable in Xbox One and thus make the jump to consoles, something that has been rumored a lot.

EDIT - Do not feed your inner troll as WDSnav91, obviously the image I did to harmonize the request and not leave only text.


Nice photoshoping. There is no gap between LS and all the other tiles when there is always a small gap. This is fake you all; don't believe it.

EDIT: Poster failed to say it was a mock up or that is was meant to be fake. OP posted it as factual information rather than saying it was a it was a idea.


The image I did to illustrate the request, obviously it is false, a lot of negativity you are giving away.


Whatever....No explanation needed.


He wants to share his ideas and thoughts on LS Community Forums


Yea I kind of didn't want to get too deep in since I saw that it was in suggestions so that is why I ended the conversation so quickly.