Wish to thank the LiquidSky team (FFXV)


I just wish to thank the LiquidSky team for making this possible. During the last three weeks I’ve played through Final Fantasy XV in HD on High Settings (using Pro plan) on my 5 year old 200$ computer (!).

Comparing the cost of LiquidSky to a gaming console (or powerful gaming PC) that could play FFXV: I bought the steam game for 30$ on a sale, and used ~4000 SkyCredits (worth ~20$) to complete the game. This was also enough to collect all essential extras in the game (such as finding all royal arms and getting the ultima weapon).

Thanks again for making this possible.


I had a really bad experience with the FFXV demo - it was quite laggy even on the PRO tier. How did you manage to get a smooth experience out of it?


Inside the game settings I set the fps to 30, the resolution to 100% 1920x1080, and the graphics to high. Then customize the graphic settings and remove anti-aliasing (TAA) as recommended by some users in this forum. This will give a nice looking game. In comparison the Xbox One version is also set to 30 fps but with graphics set to average (according to a youtube comparison video I saw).


Thanks, man, I’ll try playing with your settings