Witcher 3 minimizes


I just startet using LS and i have to say its very impressive, but when i try to start witcher 3 on android it immediatly minimizes the game and i cant get it to full screen. Is that normal on android or am i the only one with these issues?


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That’s not normal, and has never happened to me in Witcher 3.
You should set the game to Windowed Fullscreen, and to your SkyPC’s resolution.


Ok ill try that thank you


Hello, it’s a common bug
Go to the game’s display settings and select “full screen”.
If the game is already on the full screen setting:

  1. Click on the Liquidsky logo
  2. Click on the symbol representing a keyboard
  3. A bar with keyboard shortcuts appears at the top.
  4. Click Alt + Enter

That’s it, I hope it will help you.


Sorry to bother you guys but i’m a bit lost. Where can i acces the diplay settings outside of the game?


It’s in the game settings when you’re on the game menu.


I suspect you’re running the Android app in 720p HD resokution, but the game at higher res in fullcreen. That will cause problems.


I cant even get ti the ingame menu but yeah the resolution might be the peoblem


Go into the Android client’s settings, select custom settings, and set your SkyPC to FullHD.


I’d still go back to 720p afterwards, because you’ll hardly see a difference on a phone screen, and the 3D performance is of course much better at 720p, compared to 1080p.

I’ve played, and finished, Witcher 3 on Gamer plan, at 1366x768 on my notebook. That game was the reason I subscribed to LS in the first place. :slightly_smiling_face:


See here: