Worst experience


The support sucks it for only paying customers only and when you get a beta key they won't let you use the betakey it takes for ever and if you have a problem with the beta codes they say go talk to a person about the app all I have to say is worst experience ever


Hey Hunter,

Maybe I could help you, as your problem has not been previously been brought to my attention yet?

Please message me your issue and LiquidSky Account E-mail and I would be glad to personally get that resolved for you.



What Is the liquidsky email


The email you used to register for Liquidsky and login with is your LiquidSky account email.

Feel free to privately message that e-mail and I'd be glad to assist you.


This is just complained for me to understand and how to private message


I don't understand private message people


No worries Hunter, were here to help!

Simply click on my Profile Image icon, and hit the "Mail Letter" icon that says "Message" in order to privately message me!


It won't let me send any more message