Wow, i've been here for a year


Hello everyone, today, i got a badge called ‘‘Devotee’’ that said i had alredy been on this wonderful, kindly and helpful community for a year, and that made me realize that i alredy use liquidsky for over a year, as time flies by soo quickly… Anyway, i just wanted to say thanks to everyone, both mods and regular users, for the good times i spent with this community and this service, for the better or the worse, i’ll always be here to help/be helped by the community, thanks for this service, and thanks community.


Wait, does this mean you were on LiquidsSky community everyday for a year? If that’s what it means than that’s insane 0.0


kinda, because on my profile it says i’ve been for 390 days, but i got that like 2 days ago, so i guess that is actually all they days i’ve visited this site





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