Wrong storage information


Why do you say i get 100GB of storage when in reality the harddisk in the computer is 50GB and there is allready used around 20GB (windows and stuff) so i really only get 30GB not even enough to install GTA V or any kind of big AAA titel..


While there is 100GB of total storage for our pay-as-you-go users, that figure does not account for the windows installation files.

However, looking towards the future we will be expanding the option to expand your storage space in the future for all plans.


I don't think you read what i posted..
The harddisk has a total size of 50gb.. Then the Windows installations is taken up some.. If you actually gave me 100gb then the harddisk would be 100gb and some of it used.. And a Windows installation does not tale up 70gb..


I've had this problem before. Your total space is 50gb (or less depending on the size of windows), despite owning either pay as you go / Gamer plan / Unlimited plan

To fix this(well at least how I did it), you must delete and create a new SkyComputer.

I know it's a hassle, but it fixed this issue.


That worked :smiley: Thank you


Glad to hear that. This weird bug is really annoying hahaha