WWE2k18 for android Help


Hi I am not to sure why this happens. I have just got wwe 2k18 and I am looking to record a series for youtube. However when I play it all seems good but the in game sound doesn’t seem to pull though correct. I use an app called Mobizen.

Anyone help? https://youtu.be/HIcsFBjJ00c


Mobizen has a setting not to record audio you may want to check that’s not enabled.

Set it like this:


Yeah the sound is there just really poor quality . Thanks


Try AZ Screen recorder instead.


Actually on playing again it the sound on the game. Is there a way to stop this from happening? I noticed it’s on all games I play.
I only played Football Manager before which doesn’t really need sound so I never noticed it?

Is there a work around as I would like to make some content on youtube. I tired using the screen recorded on LiquidSky and it’s the same. Do I need to mess about with the setting maybe?


Did you have this even if you don’t record or this just happens when you record?
OBS should workaround with that issue.


Yes this is the sound even if I don’t record


@dontran726’s fix might help - OBS might be able to capture the sound if you run it in LiquidSky. You could also use LiquidSky’s record feature built into the client.


Download OBS to my sky computer?


You could, but the LS client has a recording feature built in.


Yeah tried that and the sound is the same. Really stuttering


Yeah, next step would be to try OBS in the client. The recording is the only part stuttering? The actual gameplay is fine?


Gameplay is fine it is only the sound if you watch the video I linked it will make sence.


Device specs? Its not a MediaTek chip right?


It’s a Exynos 5 Octa 5420 chipset


Try this:

No idea if it helps, but it fixes the choppy client handling, and the black load screen in Baldur’s Gate. :wink:


Is it a Samsung by any chance? Can’t you use Samsung’s game tools?


It is a Samsung yes. I have never heard of this Samsung gaming tool


Game Tools are only available for some devices. Especially the Game Tuner, which allows you to adjust cpu performance and screen resolutionn per app, werey first released for the Note 4, to improve its horrible 3D performance and prevent it from overheating all the time. So maybe these tools aren’t available for your device.
You can search for both on Google Play and Galaxy Apps. If you don’t find them, you know your device is incompatible.