XBox 360 Controller wrong Y axis direction


it doesn´t matter if i use my wired or wireless XBox 360 Controller. If i put the stick ( both analog sticks ) up, you see in the controller settings in Liquidsky that the stick move down. If i put the sticks to the right in remapping nothing change. But if i put the stick to the left in remapping when it shows "put stick to right" then the Y Axis is right ( up / down ) and the X Axis is wrong ( right / left ). In my Win10 Host system the controller works fine. Can i solve this issue by rewriting the joystick.ini?
The current settings are
What do i have to rewrite?


No super confusing steps you have to do. Go to your controller setting and move the stick towards the right and move it slightly up when the directions change and this will fix it. Its very easy to do and I would also suggest testing all your other buttons. I don't know how to get the guide button to work but I do fine without it.


Thanks a lot "WDSnav91"

It works :grin:


You are very welcome :slight_smile:


I'm having the same problem here. I don't understand the solution though.

update: I understand now.